Can you do without a Rain Gutter?

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It’s that time of the season when you are looking through your window, and there is rain. You’re ecstatic that there is rain but not realizing that you may have a potential problem. Where is the water running off your roof going? Often homeowners neglect the exterior of their home. 

A rain gutter is not a part of their installation or maintenance to safeguard their homes from water damages. Let’s understand more about a rain gutter.

What’s a rain gutter? 

You will find a rain gutter on the exterior of a house, strategically running along the base of your roof. It’s a system that transports water from your roof and away from the structure of your home.

Rain gutter types

Rain gutters come in many different sizes and shapes. It’s made from various materials. Choose the gutter that best suits your needs and preferences.

Aluminum rain gutter: If you’re going for a rain gutter, that’s cost-efficient. Then an aluminum gutter is a good choice. These gutters are made from aluminum and are a part of many households. Many homeowners choose aluminum because it’s not prone to rust or sag. You can also choose a color that matches your home décor. But if you prefer, you can also paint your aluminum rain gutter. It won’t damage the material. Isn’t that great? An aluminum rain gutter is lightweight, and installation is easy. But a downfall to having this type of gutter is that there not as strong as a steel rain gutter.

Copper rain gutter:  If you’re going for a historic, classic, or antique décor, getting a copper rain gutter will enhance this decor. Having a copper gutter can provide your home with a distinctive appearance. Copper like aluminum won’t rust and requires a pro like us at Kodiak Gutters for installation. What if your home is of a different built? One of the best features of this gutter is that It’s custom-built to suit the needs of each person. If you’re going for a copper gutter, it can be more expensive than an aluminum rain gutter. 

Steel rain gutter: If you’re looking for a gutter product that’s stronger than aluminum. Then there is the option of getting the steel rain gutter. These gutters are made from galvanized steel. It’s a strong material, but these are also prone to rust after five years. But, if they’re maintained, it is possible to still last for a longer period. 

Unlike aluminum gutter that’s lightweight, these are heavy and will require pro for installation. If you’re thinking of getting the steel gutter for your home, there are many colors that you can choose from; you can also paint it to suit your décor. Is this costly? You can get a free estimate here at Kodiak Gutters.

Half-round rain gutters: If you’re looking for a rain gutter with a more modern or traditional style, then half round rain gutter is perfect for you. It’s more stylish and different from the other types of gutters. A half-round rain gutter as a semi-circular top with an outer edge. They’re also available in various colors, which makes your house stand out. 

Why get a rain gutter?

A rain gutter channels water away from the structure of your home. It also prevents your structure from cracks, molds, rots due to an accumulation of water on your property.

A rain gutter allows you to achieve this objective of safeguarding your house by removing the water away from your property. You don’t want to have your exterior walls depleting, resulting in the possibility of bacterial growth and fungal.

What other benefits does a rain gutter provide? Well, there are many other benefits. It increases the value of your home if you ever decide to sell the property. In addition, it saves you time and money in repairing the structure of your home. Finally, it gives a different appearance to the décor of your home and is entirely eco-friendly. You can consider using the rainwater in your garden. Why wouldn’t you want to get a rain gutter? At Kodiak Gutters, were happy to assist you on your journey to choosing a rain gutter that meets your needs and preferences.


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