GoNano: The Best Shingle Treatment to Save Your Roof’s

Don’t Go New – GoNano! One GoNano Shingle Treatment Can Extend the Life of Your Roof by 10-15 Years!

GoNano Shingle Saver, on the other hand, is a hundred percent nano-based product ideal for new roofs.

Developed for asphalt shingle roofs, the eco-friendly solution is perfectly safe for humans, pets, and plants, while the nanoparticles ensure complete protection against the elements.


Extend the lifespan of your roofing 

01 Regenerate your membrane

The GoNano treatment creates new chemical bonds in the structure of the membrane to enhance its anti-aging performance.

02 Slow down the aging process

GoNano protects and strengthens the molecular structure of the membrane to help it better resist wear and tear and aging. 

03 Repel Moisture

GoNano penetrates deep into the membrane to protect its inner cavities from moisture-related degradation.