Weather-Proof Protect Wood Surfaces

GoNano technology will protect your wood surfaces and you won’t have to replace them for 5 to 7 years. GoNano products are designed to last.

We provide innovative nanotechnology solutions for a variety of surfaces, including asphalt shingles, elastomeric membranes, woodconcrete, stone, and metal.

GoNano is the first sealant with nanocoatings to make asphalt shingle roofs last longer. This solution can also work with woodconcrete, and elastomeric membrane roofing.

Are your wood surfaces still in good condition?
Now’s the time to act.

The earlier the GoNano technology is applied to your wood surfaces, the longer it will last.

When your wood surfaces are too old, in bad condition or start to rot, it will be too late.

GoNano vs Traditional Sealants

GoNano’s asphalt enhancement sealant has been validated by the scientific community.

• Acts as an isolated, protective layer
• Typical repair on microscale, adds layer of oil
• Less durable, flexible and resilient to aging due to environmental conditions
• Modifies the mechanical properties of asphalt
• Nanoscale (1000X smaller than a micro meter) forms precise shapes into asphalt pores
• Bonds to each asphalt shingle, and each shingle to the other