What is Leaf blaster pro? And why choose this product?

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Having a gutter that’s constantly overflowing can be frustrating for anyone, especially when you’ve tried many other products that don’t seem to prevent debris from entering your gutter system. You’re now wondering what makes leafblaster pro any different from the other products on the market. Well, I’m here to tell you by answering your questions. Are you ready to be enlightened? Let’s begin?

What is leafblaster pro? 

Gutterglove creates Leafblaster pro; it’s a gutter protection technology that prevents any form of debris from entering your gutter. Unlike many other products, this ensures that your gutter is always clean. That’s right; you no longer need to worry about having to climb a ladder to clean any debris from your gutters. Less risk is better, don’t you agree?

How effective is Leafblaster pro? 

The effectiveness of leafblaster pro is unmatched in the market. Here is why. This gutter protection technology contains a stainless-steel mesh that not only prevents leaves, roof grit, or pine needles from entering your gutter. But it also prevents insects and animals from creating a nest within your gutter. Yes, those mosquitoes, wasps, birds, rodents, squirrels, or any other critters will have to abort the mission of taking residence within your gutters.

Will Leafplaster be able to install on my roof? 

There are many different types of roofs: the flat roof, hip roof, mansard roof, and gable roof. What kind of roof do you have? 

Will we be able to get on those roofs to install your Leafblaster pro? Yes, we will; it doesn’t matter the roof’s type, structure, or height. We at Kodiak Gutters can install a Leafblaster pro on your roof or gutter; that’s guaranteed.

Is Leafblaster pro a good product?

Imagine you’re now getting heavy rainfall, but this rainfall isn’t like any other you’ve experienced. There is howling of the wind debris blowing and the continuous pouring of the rain for hours. This weather is terrifying, wouldn’t you agree? The rain pouring can allow waste to seep into your drain, but that is only possible if you don’t have Leafblaster pro. Here is why. 

Leafblaster pro is made from type 316 stainless steel mesh; this micro mesh combined with an aluminum extruded frame provides the strength and flexibility to withstand any weather season by season. I know you’re thinking it, and that’s correct; it prevents warp, cracks, and rust.

What separates Leafblaster pro from its competitors? 

Leafblaster pro is a product with a unique advantage. What’s that unique advantage? Well, it’s patented with a technology that you will not get in any other product. 

This Z bend technology provides a defense against mother nature while at the same time benefiting from its strength. It lifts and prevents debris from staying on your roof with the assistance of the wind. The trough design lets the water seep into your gutter instead of over and into your yard. Excess water within your yard can damage your house or result in other health problems.

What about a warranty? 

It can be disheartening after buying a product to have it stopped working a few years later, and to make matters worse; there is no warranty. 

We’ve got you covered; we provide a world-class warranty at Kodiak Gutters. How long is this warranty? This warranty offers 40 years of protection against defective parts. Isn’t that the best warranty you currently see on the market? Why provide this duration of the warranty? It allows you to enjoy a lifetime of high-end performance from your Leafblaster pro. What is a Leafblaster pro without a lifetime of performance? Let’s talk more about your warranty at Kodiak Gutters.

Can I use Leafblaster pro as a prefiltration device? 

When there is free water available from mother nature on your roof, why not collect and store your water instead of allowing it to flow off or waste? 

Leafblaster pro is a household name throughout North America when you’re thinking about rainwater harvesting. This pre-filtration system works by ensuring that your water is of the highest quality in compliance with the ANSI 63-2013 standards. By filtering any debris that doesn’t belong in your water, this includes pine needles, leaves, or any other small debris which may not even be visible. There is no need for any other prefiltration system when you have a Leafblaster pro.

Why choose Leafblaster pro? 

Are you ready for your Leafblaster pro installation? Why not choose Leafblaster pro? It’s the only system on the market that can effectively get the job done, don’t you agree. It ensures that no debris enters your gutters, removes leaves with its state-of-the-art Z bend technology, and is a pre-filtration system for your rainwater harvesting. Here at Kodiak Gutters, you can get a free estimate for us to begin the process. 


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