The 7 things to know about installing a gutter guard

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Gutters channel water away from your home. But there are occasions when the debris blocks this channel, resulting in significant problems for many homeowners. What’s the solution?

You guessed it, having a gutter guard. A gutter guard design helps keep your gutters clean and protects your home from damage. But that’s not all. Let’s explore seven things you should know about installing a gutter guard for your home. 

Gutter guards provide protection

A gutter guard helps to keep your drain clean. It prevents debris, insects, animals from building nests that block your gutter passageway. Why is this necessary? 

When there is a gutter blockage, it prevents the free movement of water; this may lead to an overflow of water, which can seep into your home’s exterior walls. But that’s not all; it can seep from your exterior walls and into the ground. There is no water, so this will seem fine from the outside. But that water can and will find a way to seep into cracks within your home’s structure. This can be an extremely costly repair. 

Gutter guards prevent water build-up

Have you ever heard those animals running across your roof, and they do this for the entire day? Yes, I’m referring to those squirrels and birds? You may even realize those swarms of mosquitoes, those sticky spiders, or maybe those pesky rodents. But what could be the reason for the attraction of these insects and animals? There is a 99 percent chance that this is a sign of stagnant water in your gutter. When there is no stagnant water, it doesn’t attract unwanted insects or animals. A gutter guard helps to prevent the build-up of water in your gutters.

Gutter guards increase your home’s value

If you were in the market to purchase a residential home for your family, the real estate broker presented two houses on the market. Both have distinct features; the first house has a gutter guard, and the second house is without a gutter guard, both within a good neighborhood. Which place would you choose? That’s simple. A home with a gutter guard improves the value of your home. When persons are in the market seeking a house, they seek a home that needs little to no renovation. Similarly, if you should list your home on the market, you may be able to list at a higher price if you install a gutter guard. 

Gutter guards are easy to install

Gutter guards are easy to install, so you can also choose to install these on your own. But there are risks of falling from a ladder; you may be a person who has a phobia for heights (acrophobia). Or you may want to seek the assistance of a professional. You can rely on the expertise of our professional, experienced team at Kodiak Gutter; to install your gutter guard and ensure that you are adequately protected.

A gutter guard is easy to install but most times requires professional assistance.

Gutter guards save time & money

At Kodiak Gutters, we believe in always doing your gutter guard installation correctly the first time. Doing it the right way saves you time and money. This puts cash back in your pocket, which you could devote to doing activities that you enjoy or enhancing other areas of your home. Not to mention the cost savings from not repairing your home due to damage from not having a gutter guard. 

Gutter guard & safety

Safety is of utmost importance when choosing a gutter system. It’s best to choose the right gutter guard made from environmentally friendly material.

How is this beneficial to you? 

You don’t want to choose to install a gutter guard that is harmful to your health and or the environment. Instead, choose a gutter guard system built with aluminum. Aluminum material is safe, and it is also recyclable.

Gutter guard protects against fire

There were over 30,000 fires in the U.S. in 2021, and some areas are prone to bush fires. Are you living within a place that’s prone to fire? Having a metal gutter guard is better than installing a plastic gutter guard. Why? Because a metal gutter guard provides better protection against fire. An aluminum gutter guard is more beneficial to you. For this reason, you will find that many companies use aluminum for their offshore gutter guard installations.


We can agree that adding a gutter guard to your budget is a good decision. It provides many benefits for your home, family, and finances. It also protects the environment and your health. Are you ready for your first free estimate? You can reach us at Kodiak Gutters to get started.


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