Spring Time Cleaning for Your Gutters

When you have an open gutter system you have to remind yourself to clean the gutters out. Cleaning your gutters will prevent them from cracking or not being able to efficiently do their job. Traditionally at Kodiak Gutters, we recommend you clean your gutters at least twice a year, however, depending on how much debris gets in them, you may need to do it more often. The most important time to clean your gutters is at the end of the fall, so the debris doesn’t get frozen into your gutter system. Then again at the beginning of spring, so your gutter system is fully prepared for the summer storms.  Below we have listed some spring cleaning tips for your gutters. 

Cleaning Gutters is Something You Don’t Want to Forget

When we think of spring cleaning, it is common to want to go through the garage or the kid’s clothing drawers, but gutters often get forgotten. The gutter cleaning you do in the spring is essential to your gutter system because the spring and summer showers typically pour a lot of water onto your home, and you want that water to be able to properly drain away from the foundation. Also, during the spring cleaning of your gutter system, you can see if the winter ice left any cracks or damages that need to be repaired. 

Because the spring cleaning of your gutters is so important we highly recommend you book your appointment a year in advance and have it rebooked the day it is completed. At Kodiak Gutters we routinely see foundation damage and flooding during the summer months if your gutters aren’t properly functioning. To schedule your spring or fall cleaning click here! 

Cleaning Checklist

Keeping gutters free of debris, and preventing clogs are essential to not only maintaining and extending their lifespan, but also to ensure they are doing the job of protecting your home. Compromised gutters can do damage to a building, especially its foundation, siding, and potentially the basement. These damages can be costly and lead to other issues like mold, flooding, or pests. 

At Kodiak Gutters, we offer a cleaning program that allows for clients to automatically be put on our schedule twice a year when it is cleaning season. These cleanings usually take place during the spring and fall months.

A second option is getting a gutter guard for your home. At Kodiak Gutters we recommend the brand GutterGlove. GutterGlove offers superior gutter protection with their patented Ultimate Gutter Protection System. GutterGlove offers a variety of gutter guards to fit your home and climate’s specific needs. At Kodiak Gutters, we highly recommend the GutterGlove system most importantly because it eliminates the need for you to clean your gutters and they fit on any roof type. 

Give Us a Call for a Free Quote

In order to make sure you are properly cleaning your gutters and have the proper protections in place, you should give Kodiak Gutters a call. Not only have we been in business for seventeen years, but we also understand how to get the most out of your gutter system for the best price. Contact us today for a free estimate and advice.


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