If you notice cracks along your foundation or in your basement, you should know that isn’t normal wear and tear. If you have foundation cracks you need to deep dive into what could be causing them. When noticing foundation issues you should always start your investigation with the gutter system or lack thereof. Water tends to be the number one cause of cracking in your foundation and moving the water away from the home is an easy and necessary resolution to this issue. 

The Value of Gutters

Your gutter system is designed to move water away from your home. It does this by funneling the water into piping along your roof’s edges. It then dispels the water to a planned location where it runs away from the foundation. Without gutters, the funneling is eliminated and the water heads directly down, landing right near your foundation. The water will often pool at your foundation causing constant soaking. This pooling of water will soak into your foundation and weaken it, causing it to crack. Not only does water cause your foundation to crack, but it also can cause flooding, mold, a bad smell, and extensive water damage. Unfortunately, often by the time, this damage has become visible it is severe enough to need an expensive repair. 

Maintaining Your Gutter System

While a gutter system isn’t cheap, fixing water damage is extremely expensive. Even minimal water damage can easily turn into a fifty thousand dollar expense. Gutters will help to prevent that costly damage and maintenance on a gutter system is minimal once it is installed with only need biannual cleanings. There is even less maintenance required if you install a GutterGlove or other gutter guard system. 

Not only is water damage expensive to fix, but it also can pose a health risk. Water can cause mold, especially mixed with the humidity in the Couer d Alene area, that mold when breathed in can cause damage to the lungs. That is why it is vital that you prevent the water damage before it happens, so your home remains a safe place for you and your family.

Why You Should Choose Kodiak Gutters

When choosing a gutter installation company, it’s essential to select a contractor with expertise, experience, and the right equipment to complete your gutter project professionally and as affordable as possible. It is also important you choose a company that has experience in protecting the foundation and understands how the water needs to move in order to not damage your property.

Give Kodiak Gutters a call, we are a local installer who works in the Couer d Alene, and Spokane community. We are licensed, insured, and available to help you set up the right gutter system for your home or office building. To see our happy customer reviews, click here. Call or email us today for a free estimate!


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