Interesting Rain Gutter Facts

Rain gutters provide Couer D Alene homeowners peace of mind knowing they are protecting you from costly water damage and repairs. They do this by draining away the rainwater to prevent future issues that could damage your roof, floors, furniture, foundation, and more. I know you think you know everything about rain gutters, but below […]

Water Conservation with Rain Barrels and Rain Chains

Rain chains and rain barrels are trendy and environmentally conscious ways to conserve water. So many times we are told to hold back on our water consumption, but what we don’t hear about is how we can collect and reuse water. This thought would be good for the environment and can save you a lot […]

The Great Advantages of a Rain Barrel

The Top 4 Benefits of Owning a Rain Barrel Do you know what a rain barrel is? A rain barrel is a big container that stores the water that drains from your roof. Mainly, a rain barrel comes in handy during heavy rainfall, as it helps to store the dripping water safely. Do you want […]