The Great Advantages of a Rain Barrel

The Top 4 Benefits of Owning a Rain Barrel

Do you know what a rain barrel is?

A rain barrel is a big container that stores the water that drains from your roof. Mainly, a rain barrel comes in handy during heavy rainfall, as it helps to store the dripping water safely.

Do you want to know some more benefits of the rain barrel? Well, continue reading to find out.

Rain Barrel being filled during rain storm

1.     Reduces the Water Bill

Watering plants excessively, especially during the summers, can lead to greater water usage. After all, we all love our plants and want to protect them from dying out.

But our care for our plants can put a dent in the pocket; as the use of tons of water could surprise us with a high water bill. In such a scenario, a rain barrel can come to the rescue.

You can store the rainwater in this type of barrel during rainfall, and utilize the collected water later for watering plants. In this way you won’t only save money but will help your garden grow and blossom as well!

2.     Helps to Make Plants and Soil Healthy

We typically use tap water to water the plants. However, tap water can be really dangerous for them. It contains tiny micro-organisms that can adversely affect the plants. Also, the chlorine in the tap water can negatively affect the soil.

On the other hand, rainwater does not contain the same germs. In other words, rainwater can be purer for the plants and soil. Hence, watering the plants with the stored rainwater can be beneficial for their healthy growth.

3.     Reduces Water Runoff

Storm water runoff is the rainwater that flows over the ground surface. If not drained, it could find its way into the water source of our homes. And trust us, you wouldn’t want that.

The water runoff can pick up fertilizer, harmful micro-organisms, pests and other contaminants as it makes its way through the hard surfaces or landscapes. Consequently, the runoff fertilizers can give birth to algae which in turn can pollute lakes and oceans, making hard for the fish to survive.

However, a rain barrel captures the water and stops it from getting corrupted.

4.     Easy to Install and Maintain

Rain barrels have a number of benefits and one of them is that the rain barrel is quite easy to install and maintain.

All you are required to do is to place the rain barrel under the downspouts or rain chains and see for yourself how easily the water is accumulated in the barrel. Rest assured, there is no difficult maintenance involved either.

Another great quality is that the rain barrels are cheaper as compared to the purifying system or water pump. This gives you another good reason to invest in it!

So, these are the top four benefits of a rain barrel, which we are sure, will make you want to buy them. You can buy rain barrels from the Kodiak Gutter, as it features some of the best designed ones. Go have a look at them!