Gutter Designs Don’t have to be Boring

When most of us think of a gutter system we think of the traditional gutters our parents had and maybe even of the ones we have on our home right now. They are plain and simple, white and aluminum. Sometimes as a gutter company we get so wrapped up in discussing with our clients how important having a properly working gutter system is when it comes to protecting their home and its foundation that we forget to let them know you can use gutters as a design element to your home as well. When it comes to gutter accessories, there are a ton of different modern and traditional options available to you.

1. Customized Hangers

When installing seamless gutters, we use hidden hangers that are put inside of the gutter. Ultimately this makes them invisible unless you are standing over the gutter looking in. This is meant to help give the gutter that clean seamless look. However, if you’re interested in using hangers to accent your gutter, there are unique bracket options. These brackets would be installed on the outside of the gutter and can be designed for whatever look you are trying to achieve. 

2. Bracket Accessories

Your gutter brackets can be accessorized. These would be best in situations where you had plain brackets installed and wanted to accent them with a decorative piece.

3. Decorative Leader Head

A leader head channels water from a rooftop to an underground drainage system. They can serve the dual purpose of saving on the plumbing required and adding to the aesthetics of the building. There are a number of decorative and customized leader heads available to complement your individual home and taste.

4. Rain Chains

Rain chains are a decorative replacement to downspouts and are a popular accent to many homeowners’ gutter systems in the Spokane and Coeur d Alene areas. There are countless rain chain options that can serve to blend into, or stand out against your home’s décor. Rain chains are great because they can also beautifully drain into rain barrels which can provide water for your garden and help save the planet. 


If you are in the Spokane or Couer d Alene area and are tired of looking at your boring gutters then let’s discuss how we can spruce them up! We can transform your gutter system into a work of art and make your home stand out. The professionals at Kodiak Gutters are here to help. We will get you set up with the gutters that match the look you are going for. The gutters we carry come with up to a forty-year warranty, so they will achieve both the aesthetic design and the quality you want in a gutter system. We will also maintain the gutters bi-annually, so they stay clean and work efficiently. Contact us today and let’s schedule a time to come out and provide you with a free quote. 


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