Top Four Reasons to Invest in a Rain Chain for Your Home

Reasons to Ditch Your Downspout for a Rain Chain


Do you live in an area where you experience rainfall most of the year? And is the heavy rainfall damaging the exterior of your house? Well, in that case, go and get a rain chain for your house!

Never heard of it? Well, the main purpose of a rain chain is to control the heavy runoff of water from the roofs. It’s a great alternative to the ordinary downspout which is used for the same purpose.

So, read on to find out why you should invest in a rain chain!

1.     Enjoy the Pleasant Sound it Makes

If you just thought that a rain chain produces some sound on its own then we are afraid to say that you are wrong. The chain doesn’t have any innate sound but it still makes soothing sounds when rain water passes over it.

Do you know how? It’s quite simple, really. As the rainfall makes contact with the chain, it gets dispersed in various directions, which makes an appealing sound. Honestly, the sound is way better than the otherwise loud noises of the rain water which we typically get to hear when it hits the ground.

2.     Increases the Aesthetics of Your House

We all know that a downspout is an ordinary-looking product that helps to drain the water from the roof.

But why should we buy an unattractive product when we could buy an impeccable product that does almost the same job? Yes, our reference is towards none other than the rain chain.

Undoubtedly, this chain can instantly upgrade the exterior of your look with its stylishly designed chain. And you will be glad to know that it comes in so many designs, from copper to aluminum to brass, that it will be quite hard for you to choose one!

3.     Easy to Install

Unlike many other installations, a rain chain is super easy and super simple to install. You wouldn’t require calling experts to get it fixed in your house.

If you buy this product online, it usually comes with an installation kit. However, if that is not possible then you can buy the installation supplies from any nearest home improvement store.

4.     You can Store the Water

Since water is a precious resource and it hurts to see it get wasted, you will be surprised to know that the rain chains encourages re-using the water. This means that the water will not go wasted anyhow.

All you have to do is to attach a rain barrel with a spigot that will allow you to use the collected water. You can use the salvaged water for many purposes, such as watering your plants or grass. This stored water can be used especially during summers, when it’s scorching hot and the need for water is enhanced!

Investing in a rain chain will be a two-in-one deal. It will not only enhance the exterior of your house but it will be functional too.

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