Significant Things to Know About Rain Chains

Everything You Should Know About Rain Chains

You might be hearing the term “rain chains” for the first time but surprisingly, they are quite an ancient form of adornment.

It’s believed that they were first originated in Japan. So, you will most commonly see them in the Japanese houses. They are known as “Kusari doi” in Japan which means “chain gutter”.

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What is a Rain Chain?

Rain chains serve the purpose of both aesthetic and function considered as one of the most charming alternatives to a gutter downspout.

They help bring rainwater from the roof all the way to the ground in the most beautiful way – transporting it through the beautiful chains and gradually depositing the water into large rain barrels that are generally kept for the collection of water. They are typically attached to eaves or gutters of a home.

In simpler words, they are simply a chain of rings that are attached together to help guide the rainwater from the top of the house down into rain barrels.

What are the Types of Rain Chains?

A rain chain comes in three basic types – links, cups, and funnels. The link style of a rain chain typically resembles the original Japanese chains, conveying water downward from the gutter with the help of brass, aluminum or copper chains. These kinds of rain chains tend to splash more water as compared to cups or funnel rain chains.

Cups rain chains, as the name suggests are more like a cup shape. Some cup chain styles are open at the bottom of each cup, guiding the water towards the ground quite efficiently. You can find them in many distinctive kinds – copper, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel.

Funnel rain chains are in a fluted cup-like shape with open bottoms. They are more efficient and charming as compared to link rain chains. The sound of the falling water from these chains is much more soothing and relaxing.

Why Should You Get a Rain Chain for Your Home?

There are plenty of good reasons for investing your money in a rain chain.

Firstly, it enhances the aesthetic appeal of your house’s exterior! Generally, people use a downspout for draining water from the roof which is quite plain and simple-looking. However, rain chains are more beautiful and seeing them hanging outside your house will definitely add up to the overall beauty of your house.

Secondly, when rainfall makes its contact with the chains, it disperses in different directions, producing a unique sound. The sound of the dripping water from the chains is far more pleasing and comforting.

Unlike other installations of things like rain gutters or a downspout, the installation of a rain chain is very simple and easy. The great part is that you can easily create a rain chain as a DIY project at your home.

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